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As a Joel fan, I think you captured the essence of the fecal funny very well.

(9/10) Great animation, very fecal funny, would watch again. Joel needs to see this!

You're one of the most dedicated animators I've ever seen! Seriously, you're so talented, and you haven't given up in the past 13 years of your animation career!

I love this animation so much! (^-^)

@DaButterB0y Well, there's a series pilot that Zuerel's been working hard on called "Monkey Wrench" that's slated for release next year, and Shrike and Beebs are in it, so I guess that counts. About a decade late for a part 2, though.

Usually I don't feel much deep emotion from entertainment, especially indie titles (being an artist myself and being able to comprehend most of what goes into making a video kinda numbs the magic behind it), but this made me feel truly emotionally invested in art for the first time in a long time. The complexity of the lore behind this is astonishing, and the way it plays off of your nostalgia is incredible.

If art can make people feel something deep like that, then it has truly fulfilled its purpose.

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I feel horrible that Adobe Flash Player will die within 24 hours of me writing this, but I guess whatever happens happens... (-_-,) 2020 is easily the worst year of my life...

This was an amazing game that was way ahead of its time!

I hope Newgrounds Player will save all flash games on this website from extinction, especially ones as great as this! Long before I was even born, it seems that Newgrounds has cared a lot about its users and still does to this day! Impressive considering that most massive websites and the world in general has become careless, greedy, and corrupt these days, especially social media... Tom Fulp, you are an absolutely amazing person, and I love you for the massive positive impact you've made to my life, our lives, and this world! (^_^)

Sorry about the long rant, but I just couldn't help but act on the urge to say all of this...

It was a great and creative game up until level 19. That shit took me THOUSANDS OF ATTEMPTS and 2 HOURS to get past!!! With 12 years of experience in gaming!

This is the perfect game if you're a masochist! >:(

Watch out fellas, Bennett Foddy's got some true competition with this one... (-_-)

This is the best April Fools joke ever! LOL! 6-year-old me would've never understood this.

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Phenomenal work! The pacing, rhythm, and everything about this is perfect! I'm not a music producer, though, so I guess I can't really give a proper critique, but I can tell that a lot of passion and time was poured into this.

I really hope Joel sees this.

PinguFrog responds:

Thanks man. I hope he sees this too.

This beat is honestly better than most beats in mainstream music. It just really fits the vibe of the song somehow...

I'm not a musician though, so I wouldn't know what goes into making this stuff.

I know that about a year ago when I was deep into depression and only slept 3 hours a night, I would be in this... miserable drunken-like state. I would make some sketches for about an hour and promptly pass out from exhaustion. Actually it's what got me back into art for the first time in several years. Made me feel better. Art is a great coping-mechanism.

Massive mood right here.

Quarantine vibes be like:

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One of the most tragic character arcs in cartoon history. But also one of the best.

Love the coloring and composition here!

Reminds me of that one scene:

"Making your way in the world today
Takes everything you got.
Taking a break from all your worries
Sure would help a lot.
Wouldn't you like to get away?
Where everybody knows your name.
Where every...body... knows your... name."

This is such a good drawing that it looks like a real black and white photo. Flawless detail. One of the best pencil drawings I've ever seen in my life!

This is a mood...

The colors really fit the tone of this very well!

I'm just a random awkward dude who makes art and occasionally animates. I love to spend my free time that way! (well, only whenever I feel like it, really...)

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